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Tour of Thailand - A Photographic Tour of Thailand

In February 2012 I got the opportunity to travel to Thailand with two friends to visit a few of their family owned lodgings. While I was there I was able to shoot photos for their island resort called Vongduern Villas and also create the branding for a brand new bed & breakfast (or guesthouse as they are called there) in Chiangkhan, Loei. I had an amazing time seeing ancient temples and exploring the history of Thailand as we drove from just south of Bangkok, to northern Thailand and the border of Laos, and all the way east where we actaully crossed the border into Laos for an afternoon. I came home from my 3 weeks away and made a book of my whole experience. Being a graphic designer, I was able to lay out my entire book in Illustrator and export it to be printed with I have since printed another book with Blurb and can vouch for their quality. Below you can click the link to see my book, Tour of Thailand in its entirety.

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