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My First Experience with Couchsurfing

Recently I found a website called A friend of mine had suggested I sign up for it because she had recently traveled for 14 months in South America using it and saved a lot of money and had an amazing experience. I looked up the San Diego chapter and found that they have a standing Tuesday night happy hour so my friend and I went.

The happy hour was at a bar in Ocean Beach. By 9:30pm there were quite a few people there. I made friends with a girl that lived in Thailand for 5 years and she was willing to give me a lot of tips and tricks for my upcoming trip in November. I also met a girl traveling California from Cape Verde, Africa named Vickey. Her and I hit it off quite quickly and after hearing about her paying for AirBnB places to stay, I offered her my couch as my first official host appointment at

She came over and stayed with me on and off for a week and we had a blast! If my experience with her is anywhere near what I have to look forward to with my couchsurfing experiences abroad, I'm very excited to get surfing indeed!


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