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Creative Soup's New Zero Drayage Booth Backdrops

July 8, Jake Adams – From

Marine aquarium shows, events and conferences are now such an integral part of the American marine aquarium hobby, that many hobbyists can easily attend half a dozen reef shows each year. Whether you are doing your first frag swap or setting up a fully loaded booth at MACNA, more and more the level of professionalism expected of exhibitors is rising, and lots of us need more than just a good product or some flashy corals to bring visitors to our booth.

Currently the entry-level booth signage is usually a printed vinyl banner, but grommets and glossy prints are totally not pimping. In this day and age of the reef aquarium hobby, if you’re going to exhibit at an event, you might as well represent yourself and your company to the fullest. With that in mind, you’re going to need a nice printed backdrop for your booth.

Full-printed booth backdrops with supporting structure can easily cost over a thousand dollars but a new solution from Creative Soup is breaking down the barrier to entry, while making it easier than ever to travel with your signage. These 10 or 20 foot printed backdrops attach with special c-clips & velcro to the existing pipe & drape of trade shows.

Since you’re utilizing the provided structure, you don’t have to carry around your own or pay to ship it, you can just put it in your suitcase next to your clothes and you’re off. The printed backdrops are made from a high quality fabric which is durable, and folds easily with very little creasing. When you install it for display, there are two clips with bungee attachments for the bottom corners to stretch out any wrinkles caused from storage and a strip of velcro to hold the entire top edge taught.

When paired with a full-color table cloth or table runner, you can literally have a booth in your suitcase (excluding product you’d like to display). Notable reef aquarium exhibitors Cobalt Aquatics and Rod’s Food have both pulled the trigger on these new printed backdrops for their booths and they are rocking some of the nicest displays at reef shows all over the country.

The cost for these grommet-free, 10 foot by 8 foot full color printed backdrops is $600 with a turn around time of about one week, minus shipping time. So if you’re interested in raising your profile for the next frag swap or reef aquarium show, send an email to Jessica at creativesoup dot com.

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