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My Day in the Shire - Hobbiton - New Zealand

My day at The Shire had finally come! I stayed overnight in a couchsurfing host's farm. I woke up at about 7am, too excited to sleep in and the sky was grey. I purposely booked an afternoon tour with the hopes that any early morning greyness or clouds would burn off before I started my tour. I wasn’t disappointed by the time 2pm rolled around. What started as a rainy cloudy morning, opened up to a bright blue sky with white fluffy clouds. Just the kind of day you’d want to see whilst strolling through the Shire. The tour starts with a bus ride through the Alexander’s family farm. The actual location chosen for Hobbiton. It’s easy to see why the staff of Lord of the Rings chose this place. It’s stunning before we even get to see a hint of a Hobbit hole. We’re greeted by our guide AJ and told to stick to the paths and stay with him. As soon as we enter the shire, I’m blown away. They have it staged like the Hobbits just went away for a moment and will be right back. Everywhere there are scenes like laundry drying on a line, or potatoes freshly picked from the garden in a basket.

After a quick walk through Bag End and the Party Field, you get to go inside the Green Dragon, the local bar and have a pint. I opted for Apple Cider and it was probably the best thing I've ever drank!

I took so many pictures. Many of which I haven't even edited yet, but at the urging of my best friend Marc, I did take some video to share with you. I hope you like it.

A veggie garden in the Shire. Yes, real vegetables.

Samwise Gamgee's house.

I hope you enjoy this little video. It's just made on my iphone to give you guys a more complete view of the place.

And of course no matter what someone always has done it better with a drone at sunrise :). So if you're interested in seeing a spectacular view of the place. Watch this video below.

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